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In sotck of Gray studio

[All sold out] Space80: Apollo

[All sold out] Space80: Apollo

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Case color/Badge/Weight

This is the in sotck&B stock of Space80:Apollo.

GB Link of Space80:Apollo:

Extra of Space80:Apollo:

About B sotck Space80 may be slight defects in the appearance (minor scratches and dings, etc.) but they do not affect the usage,

Ready to ship(in 10 days)

[1x Space80:Apollo Package Includes all the follows]

  • 1x case, top & bottom
  • 1x badge (aluminum), with LED diffuser
  • 1x Dual-color FR4 plate
  • 1x Polycarbonate plate
  • 1x 40 gaskets
  • 1x PCB (only solder,1.6mm,Flex, ESD protection,need PCB stabilizer)
  • 1x Brass weight(PVD)
  • 1x silicone vibration reduction pad
  • 1x Poron vibration reduction pad(3.5mm)
  • 1x noise reduction pad
  • 1x LED diffuser(s)
  • 1x updated screwdriver (Graystudio brand) 
  • 1x tweezer (always test the PCB before soldering!)
  • Screws, rubber feet, some backup SMD LEDs
  • Designer packaging



  • A.WK
  • B.WKL

[Colors Options]
Color Options Image Library: SPACE80: APOLLEO will continue to use the same Color palette as SPACE65: CyberVoyager and THINK 6.5 V2. You can refer to the Color and surface texture of these two kits.

QC standard of A sotck:

1.Product appearance: no scratches, bumps or defects larger than 1*1mm on the outer surface of the kit (the outer surface is the up and down, left and right, back and forth six outer surfaces after assembly);
2.Function: the keyboard function is intact, no use problem;
3.Structure: The keyboard structure is in good condition under the assembly state, without any problems affecting the installation.

Defects that may occur but are within acceptable limits:
1.Defects that do not affect the use: hanging point of the anode hanger, slight CNC cutting lines, internal scratches;
2.Appearance defects in tool parts, such as a bruised screwdriver.

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